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    Video Script Writing / Voiceover Content Writing

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    Project description:

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    Video Script Writing / Voiceover Content Writing

    To be done

    Writing a video script for the topic “Flexible WFH job opportunities with good learning and earning”. It should be original content, native english, should be a marketing material, conversational and engaging

    Details of the project

    Looking for a writer able to write a video script & voiceover content for FirStepCorp website saying what is the opportunity, what’s the benefits, and what’s the effort involved to consolidate the learning and earning process for students. The video script must be short and crisp, one point in each page, if you think it will confuse reader, show summary page with all points in between. Try not to use complete sentences bullet points with phrases. First slides to have the metadata: who this is for, what is the message, what the action expected, what are the CTAs. One CTA, or two is all needed.

    Please have a very good native english and grammar. The writing should be captivating, unique and easy to read. You should be authorized to work in the US and living in the US. Should have completed entire schooling in the US, or an English speaking country. 

    Details of the work 

    A well-written and skilfully-produced sales/promo video makes compelling viewing. Visit the website for more information- Once the video is compiled and approved, we’ll upload it to our YouTube channel, this includes optimizing the title, description, and tags for search.

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    Terms and Conditions

    •        Should be written in native English. Manually rewritten!

    •        Looks like a unique, new and original content again!

    •        Minimum qualification High School completed

    •        Under graduation Completed

    •    Spent 15+ years in a country where English is the first  language    

    •        Lives in North America/ Western Europe or Australia.


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